​*** Baroona to transition to a ‘Walk In and Home Delivery’ service for Winter 2020. ****

​*** Baroona to transition to a ‘Walk In and Home Delivery’ service for Winter 2020. ****

Published by Brad @ Baroona on 17th Mar 2020

*** Baroona to transition to a ‘Walk In and Home Delivery’ service for Winter 2020. ****

Pet and animal supplies, grain, hay, farm items, non-prescription medical and supplement sales. Fresh Pet Mince. Seedlings and Indoor plants, mulch and garden goods.

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RE:  Global Pandemic, Victorian State of Emergency, Social Distancing due to Covid-19 action plans and stock pet food availability. – From Brad @ Baroona

Dear customers and community of the Upper Yarra Valley, we will begin to conduct regular and normal business service thru:

  • Walk in sales at the counter only. The drive thru will be closed until Spring
    • Pull up out front/Carpark Service. Please open the boot, we’ll bring your items out for you.
    • An additional phone line and EFTPOS terminal, bringing total to 3 of each service to serve you online and deliver.
    • Staffed email inbox and live Facebook messaging to accept orders or answer stock enquiries.
    • Home delivery 5 days a week, FREE for those in need.
    • New Trading Hours until Spring 2020
    • Continue to trade, as relative to normal as possible during the outbreak
  •  You may be healthy with no symptoms, or you may be generally healthy and find yourself with Covid-19. If so, you will likely be in the greater percentage of global recoveries and beat the virus - Yet it is not about how you win this battle, but how the vulnerable, both in finance and health, lose. 

    WALK IN – COUNTER SALES, We will carry all stock from the store to your car. Please park on this side of the road or in the carpark. Business as usual with the drive thru closed for this season.

    . NEW TRADING HOURS and 5 DAYS DELIVERY, Until Spring 2020

    MONDAY TO FRIDAY 9am to 5pm, SATURDAY 9am to 2pm, SUNDAY, Closed.

     HOME DELIVERY WEDNESDAYS down the line To Gruyere, Lilydale, Wandin, Gembrook Road, Don Valley and surrounds. From $7.95

     HOME DELIVERY THURSDAYS up, and out of the line To Reefton, Warburton, Millgrove, Gladysdale, Three Bridges and Powelltown. From $7.95

     MERCY DELIVERIES 5 DAYS A WEEK, YARRA VALLEY WIDE, FREE. We’ll do our best to ‘bring it over’ to you if you simply can’t afford to go out. We’ll deliver for free this Winter if you:
    • are home sick, in all descriptions including man-flu type symptoms.
    • could be mistaken as a Seniors card holder and advised to stay home
    • have been asked or instructed into working from home or are home due to school closures.
    • are a contractor, tradie, gig-work, tourism, hospitality and care workers, casual staff, small business owners and so many with affected income... please save some petrol. We’ll bring it over. 
    • We’ll deliver your items anytime we can if you believe it’s a better idea to stay home this winter or just can’t afford to go out. Simply mention it, we won’t question your circumstance, and try to get you what you need at home within a day or two.

     We’re a team of 4 full time staff and casuals. 4 of us are siblings. Our Mum and Dad watch and guide our moves from home. We’re here in Baroona this Winter to serve you our best.

     Common sense, public best practices during a Global Pandemic and Victorian State of Emergency, small short-term compromise for a greater community around us. Wash your hands, social distance, transact and interact smarter, keep your spirits up.

    We’re simply reducing one-on-one time during this health advice, so let’s emoji online instead! 

     We are actively monitoring supply chains, stock shortages, deliveries and government health advice and intend to continue to trade relatively normally without fear or panic and supply our local customers to the best of our ability during this health pandemic.

     We have added an additional EFTPOS machine and Phone Line bringing it to 3 of each service to better serve you over the phone during the coming months.

     Currently there are no purchase restrictions. However, We reserve the right to balance or refuse sale of quantities of the same item / category that we feel may be excessively buying of an essential item, especially if we have confidence it will be restocked as intended. We also reserve the right to ask for Photo ID for verification of living in The Yarra Valley as we will try to supply our local customers first.

     Please reach out if we can help you in a conventional or unconventional way during these unusual and changing times.

    We hope you enjoy this new shopping experience considering global circumstance.

    Bradley, Gemma, Brittiney & Chelsea Smith, and The Baroona Team

    As always, you can reach out to me on brad@baroona.com.au or place an order with our team on hello@baroona.com.au
    Practical Advice:

    - > Trust health advice from official sources such as The Australian Government.
    - > Question and research the Facebook advice, articles and random online sharing of information.
    - > Keep up hygiene practice, avoid touching your face and practice Social Distancing
    -> Check in on vulnerable, older or single neighbours if they are missing any essential items
    - > Simply, consciously watch your transmissive hygien. Ensure you wash with water and soap for 30 seconds to be effective.